Steffanie Wright - Lake Nona Piano Instructor
Fees and Rates
Piano lessons generally cost anywhere from $20 per half hour to $50 per half hour and most times the instructor does not have any formal training in teaching, especially for children. However, Steffanie has both lifelong music experience with an independent instructor, as well as formal training in teaching. That's why we feel that you won't find a better offer for professional lessons anywhere else.
We are pleased to offer the great value of:
$25 per half hour for beginner and intermediate lessons Monday-Friday

*Families with multiple students participating in lessons (taking up more than 1 time slot) will be offered a discount.  $25 per lesson for the first student and $20 per lesson for any additional students taking each week. 

Music books and materials will be assigned during class and may be purchased independently or through us for a nominal fee*.
*The books for beginners that Steffanie prefers to teach from are called the Bastien Piano Basics books. All beginners under age 7 will begin with Primer A.  There are two books in this series and they will each cost $7.50 for a total cost of $15.  After the Primer A series, the student will begin Primer B and the cost of books will be the same for Primer B.  All beginners ages 7+ will start at the Primer level.  This level contains a Piano Book, a Performance Book, a Technic Book and a Theory Book.  Each book purchased through Steffanie costs $7.50.  The total cost for books purchased together will be $30.  Each level after the Primer level will contain the same set of books and there will be an additional Sight Reading book added.  The total cost for Levels 1-4 will be $37.50.  If your family has multiple students attending classes, they can use the same books over again, except for the Theory Books and the Sight Reading Books.  If you wish to purchase an extra Theory or Sight Reading Book for another student, the price will be $7.50 per book independently bought. 
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