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Required Materials and Lesson Days

Steffanie teaches from the Bastien Piano Basics books. Students will need these books for their first lesson and every lesson thereafter. You can purchase these books from us when you come to your first lesson, if you wish. There are 4 books in the first series (a Piano book, a Technic book, a Performance book and a Theory book) and we charge $7.50 per book. Therefore, if you choose to purchase your books from us, the total due after the initial lesson will be $50, $20 for the lesson and $30 for the books. If you would prefer to purchase the books on your own, we can give you the ISBN numbers to ensure that you purchase the correct books. Be aware, however, that you need to order them sufficiently in advance for them to arrive prior to your first lesson.

Students will be assigned homework weekly and are expected to complete their assignments on time. Please be aware that unprepared students will not progress as quickly as desired. Parents should take an active role in ensuring that assignments are completed each week.

Students, parents and siblings need to remain in the lesson area (where the piano is and the room with the black couches). Use of the restroom is definitely ok, with permission. Also, no food or drinks will be allowed inside during the lesson; this includes food or drinks for siblings or parents who are not taking the lesson. Lastly, if a phone call needs to be taken (by a parent) please take it outside as to not distract your child taking the lesson.


Lessons are available in thirty-minute blocks available back-to-back. Therefore, it is imperative that you arrive promptly at your scheduled time. If you are late for any reason, a lesson may still be provided in your remaining time. However, because we reserve the right to schedule students immediately following your lesson, we cannot extend the end of your lesson.

Cancellation and Rescheduling Policy 

While I understand that sometimes things do not go as planned, I require notice of any cancellation, or need to reschedule, at least 24 hours in advance; I am available by phone during normal business hours, or by email anytime. If you cannot reach me by phone, you may leave a voicemail as an acceptable form of unplanned notice. This gives me time to manage my schedule and an opportunity to fill your time-slot if you are unavailable for your lesson. In the event that you fail to show up when scheduled, or forget to reschedule, you WILL NOT be credited for the time that you missed. While I am sympathetic to events beyond your control, please understand that my time is also valuable and make every reasonable effort to provide the necessary notice of cancellation. There will be some circumstances in which tardiness or failure to show up will be acceptable and 24 hour notice will not be required. In these rare instances, please discuss your situation with me and I will try to accommodate you as the need arises.

Each family will be given two vouchers per lesson slot per term (summer, fall, spring) to miss two classes during the term and not have to pay for those missed classes. You can decide how these coupons will best be used (whether they are used for sick days, family vacations, or however you see fit). Once the coupons are used, if you would like to keep your lesson time, you will have to pay for the entire month. To use a voucher, simply attach it to the payment submitted each month. Obviously, lessons are not held on most federal holidays and if your lesson falls on that day, you will not be required to pay for that week. Nor will you be required to pay for lessons that I cancel. I would still request that families provide at least 24 hours’ notice for planned absences so I can provide make up classes to those who wish to have them. If a makeup lesson is available, no voucher would be needed for a missed lesson. Cooperation from my families in planning ahead will ensure the most efficient use of available make-up lessons. Keep in mind that I cannot guarantee a make-up lesson will be available if you miss a lesson.  

Payment Policy

Payment is due at the beginning of each month for that month’s lessons. Prompt payment at the beginning of the each month will continue to ensure reservation of your requested time-slot. However, while you are deciding whether or not to continue lessons, we will accept payment per lesson for the first month. This will give you an opportunity to try our services without a monthly obligation. Also, this should help defray some of the initial burden of purchasing books and materials.

Acceptable forms of payment are always cash or check, and this year you can now pay by credit or debit as well. We now accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express. However, if you choose to pay by credit card or debit, there will be a $3.00 transactional fee in addition to the regular fees for lessons and books. This added charge will cover the expense of processing the payment.

Further, should you fall behind in your payment, we reserve the right to reassign your time-slot and collect payment prior to providing any further services. Keep in mind that it is not our desire to cause financial hardship for any of our students, and we certainly do not want our students to forego lessons because of financial difficulties. Therefore, should you experience difficulties paying monthly, please take an opportunity to discuss your payment options with us.

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